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Our stories are given the power to exist outside our minds, to connect and inspire, but only if we take the time to find them, accept them, share them. If you're looking for photography or writing that will move you, that have the power to endure and create BIG impact, this is it. 

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There’s something so, so cool about a vintage truck against the rolling hills of Rappahannock County. Especially when there’s just the right amount of cloud cover to make the skies look like a painting. And when you add in an awesome family, there’s just not a whole lot that words will add to the story. Because the photos do it all so perfectly.

I love how the personalities shine through these images, even the one where little sis is pretending that she’s not trying to elbow big brother out of the way, when she is, in fact, doing exactly that. 🤣

To all the mamas out there who worry about how their kids will behave during a photo session…..stop. Just stop. Don’t worry so much. And definitely don’t let it deter you from booking a session. As a mama to 5, I so get it. I’ve been there. I’ve lived through it all. And though I know that you won’t ever actually stop worrying about your kiddos, just know that I feel you. Every aspect of it. And chances are pretty darn good that your kids will behave much better for me than they will for you. Because that’s what they do. Because they feel comfortable enough in our love that they can let the rough stuff out around us and know that we will still be here for them. Because that’s what we do. 💕



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