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Our stories are given the power to exist outside our minds, to connect and inspire, but only if we take the time to find them, accept them, share them. If you're looking for photography or writing that will move you, that have the power to endure and create BIG impact, this is it. 

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Doing portraits in tall grasses makes me a little giddy. No joke. Even if they’re weeds. Don’t care. Because I know how AH-MAZING they look in photos when they’re all sun-kissed and sparkly. Even on a cloudy day they’re stunning in portraits because of the visual texture they lend to the final product.

So, we maybe had to drive for 30 minutes to get to this location, but it was definitely worth it. But then again, I wasn’t driving the car with eight kids in it, haha!

But those eight kids did a fantastic job. I *might* have taken triple the photos of the 3-year-old because her expressions were so over-the-top animated and I wanted to be sure to get some that weren’t crazy. Editing and culling those was highly amusing. HIGHLY amusing. If I ever do any outtake posts, those would be a great option, 😉

This amazing Mama’s comment to me after I delivered the gallery was that she loved them because they made it look like they loved each other. That made me laugh. Because motherhood. With 5 kids, I know that feeling all too well, the hope that somewhere underneath all the squabbles and power struggles and complaining, that there’s a foundation of love and belonging.

Sometimes it might take a photo session to really showcase it, but it’s there. Take comfort, Mamas, you’re doing a marvelous job, even when you worry that you’re not doing enough. Because you are, you really, really are.



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