Redo the I Do at Eldon Farms ~

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Photos are memories, given the power to exist outside our minds, to connect and inspire. If you're looking for photography that will move you, visual stories with the power to endure, this is it. 

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I sometimes wonder why weddings get all the glory. Yes, they are beautiful. Yes, they are a celebration and a beginning and a way to showcase a couples’ love for each other. And they undeniably should be documented well. Because they are memories worth preserving.

But so are all the chapters that come after that. The laugher, the growth, the unwavering dedication through ups and downs. And the love that endures as the years go by.

So we decided to do a redo, a day to document the love and relationship that maybe wasn’t captured so well during their wedding 15 ish years ago. Sean & Marissa were SO. MUCH. FUN. to work with. They were relaxed, and their love and commitment to each other was very, very apparent. As you can clearly see below.

Eldon Farms served as the perfect backdrop, and Flourish & Root did an amazing job with the florals.

Fingers crossed that I get more couples who want to redo their I Do!



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