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Our stories are given the power to exist outside our minds, to connect and inspire, but only if we take the time to find them, accept them, share them. If you're looking for photography or writing that will move you, that have the power to endure and create BIG impact, this is it. 

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I will never forget the huge grin on Doresa’s face after she shared her origin story with her colleagues at a workshop. She was literally glowing as she walked back to her seat with the sound of applause still lingering in the air.

I laughed and said to her, “You don’t sound very corporate anymore.”

A challenge that clients from corporate backgrounds have when trying to create an origin story is that they sound….well….corporate.

Which is great in that setting and all, but it just doesn’t have the punch it needs to connect authentically with clients in a solopreneur or agency setting. These stories are not meant to go in a manual or be presented in a stiff boardroom. They are meant to humanize you, to demonstrate that you understand the struggles your clients have and that you are the best person to help them.

Doresa is a rockstar at what she does. And her story demonstrates how important it is to her to help other entrepreneurs build what she built in the aftermath of a seemingly impossible situation. She bridged a gap in her life that she can help her clients bridge.

Check out Doresa’s origin story here.

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