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Our stories are given the power to exist outside our minds, to connect and inspire, but only if we take the time to find them, accept them, share them. If you're looking for photography or writing that will move you, that have the power to endure and create BIG impact, this is it. 

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One of the BEST things about working with clients to craft an origin story that honors their journey AND opens the door to greater impact is the chance to see their hearts, their skills, and their purpose comes into alignment. And getting the chance to SHOW them how their struggles make their message more powerful and more impactful is an inevitable (and beautiful) side effect.

Carola’s purpose is to bring color, healing, and vibrancy into the lives of her clients. The reason she is so good at what she does is that she uses color to do those things in her own life. Even as a little girl, she was so aware of the power of color because she noticed how it influenced her. And holy cow did it influence her!

You can read her origin story on the Brand Identity Styleguide attached here.



I coached her through the creation of it and she definitely knocked it out of the park. The first time she presented it in front of a room of entrepreneur colleagues, the room erupted into huge applause as soon as she finished.

The impact was deep and immediate. That is the power of a well-crafted origin story.

Want to talk through your story? Let’s hop on a coaching call. Book here >> Coaching Call with Shannon



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